Cannon has a ball on the Bottom Lake!

Brunswick Brothers AS fished Churchgate Bottom Lake and the 18 anglers caught a total weight of 191lbs 6ozs.

Brunswick Brothers AS fished Churchgate Bottom Lake and the 18 anglers caught a total weight of 191lbs 6ozs.

Top weight went to Paul Cannon with 36lbs 12ozs, who fished with maggot on the method feeder.

Second place was claimed by Ernie McGregor with a catch of 33lbs using the feeder.

Nicky Warren came third with a catch of 21lbs on the method feeder, Dave Franklin clinched fourth place with 17lbs 4ozs, fifth place went to Barry Judge with 17lbs 2ozs, George Cole came sixth with 13lbs 8ozs and seventh place was secured by Dave Farman with 1lbs 14ozs.

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Guest fishers included L Wiggins with 14lbs 6ozs, A Taylor 12lbs, M Caire 11lbs, G Morgan 6lbs 8ozs and Dave Anderson with 4lbs 8ozs.

The Saturday Open at Tylers Common was held on the Ash Lake and Dickie Carr claimed top weight on peg 10 with 59lbs 13ozs.

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He fished 20 metres and caught carp using maggot and bread punch.

Second place went to Jason Collins (Browning Wickford) on peg 22 fishing 14 and 16 metres catching 29lbs 10ozs using maggot.

Third place was occupied by Steve James (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) on peg eight with a catch of 17lbs 8ozs.

Fourth on peg nine was Chris Vanderfelt with 15lbs 8ozs, on peg 24 Jim Collins (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) came fifth fishing a haul of 10lbs 4ozs and on peg two Steve Coppen came sixth with a catch of 2lbs 8ozs.

The Stillwater Fisheries fell victim to the weather.

If anybody is interested in open matches at Churchgate this winter there are 11 being held, further information can be obtained from Geoff at County Angling on 01708 477834.

The Saturday Open on Ash Lake at Tylers Common will be run by Bobby Wager, for further details ring him on 07970 258737.

If you want to book for the Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday matches at Suffolk Water Park Match Lakes, ring Richard Watson on 07881 953310.

The tide table for Harwich and Walton-on-Naze is as follows: Today (Wednesday), 3.13am and 3.49pm. Tomorrow (Thursday) 3.58am and 4.38pm. Friday 4.49am and 5.33pm. Saturday 5.49am and 6.32pm. Sunday 6.53am and 7.35pm. Monday 7.56am and 8.37pm. Tuesday 8.59am and 9.39pm.

The tide differences for the following resorts are as follows: Felixstowe -11mins, Clacton +11mins. Burnham on crouch +42mins, Orford Quay +40mins.

You can send in your angling reports by calling Keith Leverett on 01621 869728 or 07836 327843 or you can email him at

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