Dagenham 88 Runners take on Beachy Head marathon and 10k

Five people wearing running gear

Dagenham 88 Runners members at the Beachy Head marathon. - Credit: Dagenham 88 Runners

Dagenham 88 Runners club members took on the tough Beachy Head marathon and 10k courses at the weekend.

Paul Prior finished the marathon in 4:22:52, Tracey Sheehy in 4:38:25, Rahana Islam in 4:53:54, Gary Cardnell in 5:17:54, Emma Dudman in 5:32:15, Jane Swanson-Sprent in 5:37:28 and Louise Chappell in 5:51:34. 

Melissa Embery finished in 6:08:33, Sara Prior in 6:15:30, Beverley Eagles in 6:18:24, Emma O’Shea in 6:18:24 and Timi Veerasamy in 6:23:20.

Three people wearing running clothes with running numbers on their tops

Dagenham 88 Runners' 10k event competitors. - Credit: Dagenham 88 Runners

In the 10k event, Sonya Byers clocked 1:14:21, Kresh Veerasamy 1:22:25 and Julie Cardnell 1:33:27.

Michael Pegnall ran in the Phoenix Golden Medusa run and completed four laps of the course - a half marathon distance - in 1:58:22.

In parkruns, Ryder Islam finished in 21:41 at Eastbourne ahead of Sonya Byers (33:18), Kresh Veerasamy (33:29) and Sam Veerasamy (46:57). 

Julie Dalphinis ran Grovelands in 45:56 while at Hackney Marshes, Nils Hollmann recorded a time of 23:46.

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In the Raphael event, John Hughes finished in 26:10, Simon Childs in 28:29, Pritesh Patel in 29:51, Mark West in 33:36 and David O’Brien in 57:52. 

At Maldon, Amelia Beazeley clocked 30:49, Jenny O’Hanlon 30:50, Evie Beazeley 31:17 and Andrew Beazeley 31:17.

Daniel Miller (25:54) and Kaya Smith (28:42) ran at Barking, Andy Preston (23:17) in the Burnham and Highbridge event and Steve Whitfield (28:22) ran at Heartlands.

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