Dagenham 88 Runners out in force at ELVIS and parkrun events

Barking Road Runners at ELVIS race

Barking Road Runners at ELVIS race - Credit: Dagenham 88 Runners

The fourth race in the ELVIS series saw a number of Dagenham 88 Runners compete in the race hosted by Ilford Athletics Club.

The bad weather didn’t put members off from taking on the ‘Hilly 5’ course as the club had plenty of runners including Peter Salmon (34.35, VM50), Tom Sargeant (39.01,, SM V35), Billy Walkington (39.03, VM40), Natalie Traylen (42.09, VF40, V45), Rahana Islam (43.00, VF40, VF45), Michael Pegnall (44.12, VM40), Gary Cardnell (44.38, VM60, V60), Nils Hollmann (45.02, VM40, V45), Lynton Fairman (46.05, SM V35), Louise Chappell (47.28, VF40, VF45), Rosina Salmon (47.45, VF50, VF45), Selon Timi Veerasamy (50.30, VF60, VF65) and Lee Davis (68.07, VM50).

The weekend saw parkrun number two held and members were once again out at local events and some further afield.

Results, Barking: John Hughes (26:06), Louise Chappell (26:46), Mark West (32:35) and Pascalia Pamba (35: 38).

Raphael: Rosina Salmon (27:30), Peter Salmon (27:31), Rahana Islam (29:17), and Simon Childs (29: 43).

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Valentines: Timi Selon Veerasamy (29:44), Sonya Byers (30:32), Victoria Rose (36:53), Kresh Veerasamy (38:32), Sam Veerasamy (38:32), Julie Dalphinis (57:00) and David O'Brien (01:04:50).

Harrow Lodge: Caroline Tuck (23:57).

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Hackney Marshes: Nils Hollmann (24:36).

Heartlands: Steve Whitfield (29:03)

Maldon Prom: Lorraine Hilton (30:23), Evie Beazeley (32:14), Andrew Beazeley (32:14), Amelia Beazeley (34:16), Jenny O'Hanlon (34:38).

Riverside: Nigel Swinburne (18:59).

In other races, Ian Cummins took on the North Wales half marathon in Conwy and completed the rugged course in 2:16.17.

Nat Booth took on the Twilight Ultra and finished in sixth place and first lady as she covered 50k in 5:36.09.

The rescheduled London Landmarks half marathon took place on Sunday on closed roads in the capital and Dagenham 88s Jason Manning finished in 2:13.42, as Natalie Summers and Jacqui Elliot finished in 3:38.21.

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