Golf tips: How to hit longer

PUBLISHED: 10:30 20 May 2015

How to set up for a drive with spine tilted

How to set up for a drive with spine tilted


Ingrebourne Links professional Andrew Clissold has more advice

Why don’t you hit the ball long?

There may be many reasons you don’t drive the ball to your potential, such as lack or clubhead speed or a poor strike, but many amateurs I coach hit the ball too low with their driver and the ball doesn’t fly far enough.

The best players in the world launch the ball very high, one of the biggest reasons the ball goes so far and something we can all do.

How can you launch the ball higher for more distance?

To launch the ball high and far, set up with the ball opposite your left arm pit (for right handed golfer). This will encourage an upward strike on the ball. You also want to set your spine slightly away from the target.

Now you’re ready to rocket that ball high and far!

During your swing, we want to maintain that spine angle, especially on your downswing.

Also to help get some extra loft, I’d like to see the club shaft leaning back as illustrated. When you hit your drives, try to hit up and hit it as high as you can!

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