Plenty of carp at the Wagtail Lake

Stillwater report: The Wagtail Lake is producing good fish around the islands, carp are in to double figures, while tench, bream and roach are also giving quality sport.

The Willow and Ash Lakes certainly are not giving up because of the winds, the margins are good for plenty of fish still.

The Horshoe Lake is producing fish from most areas, between the islands, down the track and in the margins. Luncheon meat, paste, pellet, corn and bread are all achieving reasonable catches.

On the front lake at the Chase, the catches have been phenomenal. Dave Penson had nine fish to 29lbs 8ozs and brother Andy had six fish to 28lbs 8ozs. Bruce Creasey had six fish to 27lbs 8ozs. The back lake has had such an explosion of carp catches that it is impossible to name all those successful.

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Tench have slowed down, but crucians have been giving themselves up. Several anglers have reported roach catches up to 2lbs 4ozs. The bailiff Danny has several season tickets available. Call him on 07859 780451.

Match results: Elm Park & Hornchurch had their annual secretaries’ match at the top lake at Rayne. The Secretaries team of J Aldis 10lbs 3ozs, Keith Austin 73lbs 7ozs 8dms, Roger Driscoll 98lbs 10ozs, Keith Leverett 48lbs 11ozs, Colin Luff 137lbs 10ozs 8dms, Mickey Steadman 50lbs 9ozs 8dms and Mark Wheeler 29lbs 14ozs 8dms, totalled 449lbs 2ozs.

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Of the captains’ team, Peter Anderson 15lbs 9ozs 8dms, Peter Darling 50lbs 5ozs, George Flatman 16lbs 7ozs, Peter Jones 68lbs 4ozs, Toby Marlow 75lbs 12ozs, Terry Nickson 63lbs 9ozs, Gary Sladden 8lbs 13ozs and Dave Tosley 50lbs. The Captains’ total weight was 348lbs 11ozs 8dms.

The Saturday Open at Tylers on the Horseshoe Lake was a 31-peg match. Top weight on peg 26 was Jason Collins (Ockendon bait & tackle) with 110lbs 7ozs, using luncheon meat to the island and had carp to 5lbs. Second on peg 32 was N Darke with 80lbs 8ozs, third on peg 28 was Steve James with 73lbs 2ozs, fourth on peg 38 was Steve Coppen with 54lbs 8ozs, fifth on peg 16 was R Harold with 41lbs 8ozs, sixth on peg 24 was M Brown with 41lbs 4ozs, seventh on peg 22 was J Penhaligon with 39lbs 10ozs and eighth on peg 52 was D Bugg with 33lbs.

Match diary: For information on the Saturday Opens at Tylers Common call Bobby Wager on 07970 258737. For the Thursday/Sunday matches on A12 Cuton Lake call Scott on 07946 84703.

Coarse, sea and fly anglers can report their catches and match results on lakes, canals, beach and boat by ringing Keith Leverett on 01621 869728 or 07836 327843 or e-mail

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