Cauldron Foods Comedy Night Dispels Vegan Myths

The Nation’s favourite ‘accidentally vegan’ foods include, falafels, chips and Marmite.

The Nations favourite accidentally vegan foods include, falafels, chips and Marmite. - Credit: Archant

Cauldron Foods’ comedy night will give vegans the last laugh as Vegan comics dispel vegan myths.

A study by Cauldron Foods of 2,000 UK adults found that being tired all day, spending hours planning meals and lacking a sense of humour are among the common misconceptions about vegans, with a quarter of the UK under the false impression that a vegan diet results in food boredom.

To dispel the myths including that vegans aren't funny - according to 20% of those polled- Cauldron Foods is launching 'Cauldron Comedy Club', on 15th January, during Veganuary, featuring leading vegan comedians.

Cauldron Foods Comedy Club headliner, Carl Donnelly said:

"I can prove that your dietary choices have zero effect on your sense of humour."

"In actual fact, since going vegan I've been blessed with more material than ever. Mainly due to having working class Irish parents who have no idea what veganism is. My mum recently asked me if Tuna was vegan!"

The same research polled 200 vegans, with three-fifths saying others only think they chose their diet to be 'trendy' or 'fashionable'.

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It also emerged a fifth of those with a plant-based diet have been incorrectly told that eating vegan doesn't keep you full - leaving you feeling hungry and dissatisfied. The study found nine in ten mistakenly believe that those enjoying plant-based food eat a poor diet mainly based on carbs such as bread.

Carl Donnelly continued: "One of my favourite things about being vegan, is lying to those that ask me about the nutritional side of things. I recently got asked the question "Where do you get your protein from?" and I told them I get my protein from a friend! The weirdest thing was that they believed me."

Commissioned by Cauldron Foods, the UK's favourite plant-based brand, the study found 62% agree vegans get stereotyped despite the fact, the findings revealed, 96% of Brits could even be 'accidentally' vegan, as they regularly tuck into protein rich, plant-based foods such as falafel, peanut butter and tofu. Despite this, more than a quarter surveyed presume vegan diets are expensive while one in four think vegans need to take supplements to get the right nutrition.

With nearly 75% percent of respondents agreeing that being vegan is more popular now than five years' ago, and a third reckoning it could really have an impact on the future and sustainability, it's no wonder that a quarter of seemingly non-vegan people have made an attempt to live by a vegan diet, with one in 10 able to last a couple of weeks reducing their intake of animal products and meat. The research, conducted via OnePoll, found 47% of vegans choose their diet to protect the environment, with a fifth doing so because their partner lives on a plant-based diet.

Andrea Harburn for Cauldron Foods added: "The research tells us that people perceive vegans as serious and lacking a sense of humour, but at Cauldron Foods, we understand vegans, and from our experience, that's simply not true! That's why we're hosting the funniest vegans at the Cauldron Comedy Club, to celebrate veganism and give vegans the last laugh."

"What is funny, is some of the misconceptions about being vegan. A vegan diet is becoming more and more popular for so many, positive reasons."

"It's also far easier now to pop to the shops or go out for dinner and eat a vegan-friendly diet."

Cauldron Foods is encouraging people to take the Veganuary pledge and enjoy plant-based foods that are better for you and the planet."

"The New Year is always a great time to turnover a new leaf and try something different. We hope a little vegan comedy and supper will encourage people to have a 'fa-laugh-all' and enjoy delicious plant-based goodness."

All proceeds from Cauldron Foods Comedy Club will go to Veganuary.

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