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THE LEGEND that is Kid Creole returns to the country which made him a star to bring boogie to the masses in the best musical around . The veteran singer, musician and producer, born August Darnell, claims his worldwide success, with Kid Creole and The

THE LEGEND that is Kid Creole returns to the 'country which made him a star' to bring boogie to the masses in 'the best musical around'.

The veteran singer, musician and producer, born August Darnell, claims his worldwide success, with Kid Creole and The Coconuts, is all thanks to the open-minded music makers found in the UK some 30 years ago.

Mr Darnell returned to our small island this month to star in the disco-infused musical, Oh What a Night for the tenth year running.

The excited performer took a break from rehearsals for his role, as Brutus T Firefly, in the feel-good show, to speak to the POST.

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He said: "I'm loving being back here in the UK.

"People don't realise that if it wasn't for this country my band, Kid Creole and The Coconuts, may never have got off the ground, so it's very dear to me.

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"In 1981 we were trying to get noticed but the New York music world didn't want to know", he explained.

"It was only the open-minded producers in London, who gave us a chance and so we released our first ever album in England, that led to the great successes we have had since."

Although living in New York, Kid has become an honorary patron of these shores and divides his time between the two of late.

"My wonderful girlfriend is a Brit, and my three children were all born and live here, so I'm back and forth all the time", he added, and admitted: "I am actually pretty sick of New York now".

The former English teacher's current role however will keep him in theatres across the country for eight months.

He adds: "It's a long tour and can be quite an arduous task, but it is great fun, and this will be a big one as it's the 10th anniversary of the show."

The smooth crooner has been leading the popular production, which fuses the greatest disco hits of the 70s including Shaft, Celebration and dance-floor classic YMCA, since 1997.

And said: "It's a great show; I have been doing it for ten years and have made over 1,000 appearances.

"People love it, everywhere we go it's always a packed audience of people who get their wigs and platforms on and come to have a good time.

"I think it's actually the best musical around as it features the hits of four composers and is always bringing something different.

"It is something that everyone should see."

Alongside his lead role in this production the 52-year-old also has other pressing engagements, of a more personal nature, for 2008.

Once the tour closes, in August, he will fly to Italy to wed his British girlfriend, Imogena Cousins - a dancer whom he met in an earlier production of the show.

He plans to launch a Kid Creole album, an anthology with a whopping 24 songs.

Mr Darnell adds: "It's all very exciting, especially the wedding.

"Everyone always said August Darnell will never get married and now I get to prove them wrong."

Oh What a Night stops at the Orchard Theatre, in Dartford, from January 31 to February 2.

Tickets cost £21.50-£28.50 and are available from the box office on 01322 220000

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