Short Films explore variety of subjects in filmmaker’s work in Barking

Still from Domain & Range

Still from Domain & Range - Credit: Archant

Filmmaker Simon Welch is screening four of his unique and absorbing films at the Studio 3 Art gallery.

Simon Welch

Simon Welch - Credit: Archant

Based on diverse elements and themes such as man and nature, succeeding generations, art and religion and plants and animals, the Strasbourg-based filmmaker takes viewers on a journey through his work.

“Usually one film would be screened once in a festival whereas the gallery exhibition with Studio 3 Arts is special,” Simon explained. “It provides the unique opportunity of seeing the coherence of the work and to watch the films again if so desired.”

The four films set to be shown in the Boundary Road gallery include the 2012 film Cast, which follows night fishermen on a beach and Simon’s 2014 film, Prelude, where a young girl’s piano practice provides the soundtrack for the tribulations of her own life.

The other two films are Focus, also made in 2014, which uses a ghostly anecdote to parallel the decline of the mining industry and Simon’s latest film, Domain & Range, which was made earlier this year.

It explores family history and religious persecution via the death of a lizard in a vineyard.

Simon, a British filmmaker, regularly exhibits in international film festivals and exhibitions and was awarded a production grant by the French Ministry of Culture.

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The exhibition, which has free admission, runs from Monday until October 2.

For more information about the exhibition, call 020 8594 7136 or follow @studio3arts on Twitter You can also visit to find out more about Simon’s work.