Living near the best schools is a priority for any parent.

Being able to send your child to a school that is outstanding in the eyes of Ofsted is often a factor in where families set up home.

We've created an interactive map - using data from the Office for National Statistics and Ofsted - which shows you how much it will cost to buy a house near top schools across east London.

Here's a run down of house prices near seven top schools in Barking and Dagenham:

Thames View Infants

It costs on average £255,000 to live in the immediate vicinity of the Bastable Avenue, Barking primary school - rising to between £310,000 and £347,500 in surrounding areas.

However, if you bought a home on the other side of Alfred’s Way to the north, you could still live near the school while only spending around £230,000.

William Ford Junior School

This outstanding primary school in Ford Road, Dagenham is also in a relatively affordable area - it will likely set you back £280,000 to £310,000 to live close by.

House prices rise to £332,500 a little further south in the River ward and to £360,000 to the east in the Village neighbourhood.

The St Teresa Catholic Primary School

Houses close by this school in Bowes Road, Dagenham are typically in the £300,000 - £330,00 range, though the price might be more like £347,500 in some streets.

The Sydney Russell School

The average house price in the area immediately surrounding the Parsloes Avenue school is generally between £307,500 and £323,000 range, but you could snap up a house for around £290,000 in some streets.

However, if you lived to the south-west in the Mayesbrook ward, you could expect to pay £352,500.

Grafton Primary School

A house around this part of Dagenham costs about £312,000 on average.

However, on the other side of Green Lane to the north or Valence Avenue to the west, prices are more likely to be around £350,000.

Trinity School

The average house price in neighbourhoods surrounding this special school in Heathway don’t vary greatly, ranging from £307,250 to £328,000.

But further east towards Rainham Road North, the typical cost drops to £265,000.

Warren Junior School

In this part of Chadwell Heath, you’d have to pay around £400,000 - £415,000 to live right by the school.

However, homes sell for about £315,000 or £365,000 on average in nearby neighbourhoods to the south.