The "famous" Wizard of Havering has been spotted near a bus stop in Dagenham, having previously been seen in Romford.

Claudia Scarlat of Romford sighted The Wizard of Havering in nearby Dagenham and said the robed figure was a welcome presence.

"He seems to be well known and loved in the neighbourhood," Claudia said. "Bringing magic to the world - one wizard at a time."

Though the wizard was spotted in Dagenham, a punter said he was also seen in Romford a short while ago.

Ruby Stone said on Facebook: "I've seen him about in Romford."

As did Matt Christian who commented: "He was there yesterday - we saw him on the Ferris wheel."

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Numerous people have said the The Wizard of Havering is a man named Trevor, well known to Romford, but The Recorder has yet to confirm this.

One commenter was able to provide a mystical explanation for the conflicting reports on the wizard's whereabouts.

"He's a wizard so he could be in two places at once," said Sue Gowans. "I rest my case."

The wizard can be seen in the above picture sporting a purple robe and hat, with a staff and what appears to be a spellbook in his right hand.

Such an appearance earned him his fitting nickname. 

Chris Morrissey, another contributor, termed him the "Gandalf of Dagenham" after the popular Lord of the Rings character.

But not everyone thought it was a good idea to take photos of the wizard.

"Why are people taking photos of him," said Fatma Mehmet Sabri. "Let him be."

Another suggested it would be a better idea to speak to the wizard and wondered what he would be like in person.

"Has anyone every had a conversation with him instead of taking his photo?" asked Gracie McCloud. "That would be [an] amazing".

It should not be too long before the wizard is spotted again in Romford, according to another commenter. 

Shell Rayner said: "He walks around Romford [it's] great to see."

Another punter added that he has been seen in nearby Brentwood.

Lillie Seaston praised the wizard's endeavours: "He wears it to bring joy and for awareness for metal health."