Residents whose homes, gardens and vehicles were damaged by the Barking "tornado" have spent this weekend clearing debris and repairing their properties.

%image(14873869, type="article-full", alt="The Barking "tornado" completely destroyed this wall in Shirley Gardens, Barking, when it struck on Friday June 25 at 7pm.")

Homes in Shirley Gardens, Wilmington Gardens and Hulse Avenue, Barking, felt the brunt of the strong winds at about 7pm on Friday June 25.

%image(14873871, type="article-full", alt="Council workers clearing debris in Wilmington Gardens, Barking, on Saturday following the Barking "tornado" that struck on Friday June 25 at 7pm.")

Barking and Dagenham Council sent an Immediate Response Team on Friday as they helped begin the clean-up and to support vulnerable residents in the immediate aftermath.

Firefighters were also among the first on the scene as they rallied around the community.

%image(14873872, type="article-full", alt="Damaged roofs in Wilmington Gardens, Barking following the "tornado" on Friday June 25 at about 7pm.")

And council workers returned on Saturday morning to help clear the remaining debris with residents and local tradespeople chipping in to fixed damaged roofs and make fallen garden walls safe.

%image(14873874, type="article-full", alt="A structure is left buckled as "Tornado" damage is assessed in Wilmington Gardens, Barking, after the extreme winds hit on Friday June 25 at 7pm.")

During the freak weather torrential rain flooded parts of Dagenham and Havering, with cars partially submerged in Gidea Park, Harold Hill and Collier Row.

%image(14873875, type="article-full", alt="The Barking "tornado" destroyed this wall in Shirley Gardens and damaged garden furniture on Friday June 25 at 7pm.")

See next week's Barking and Dagenham Post newspaper for a full round-up.