A Dagenham woman has been fined for dumping rubbish outside her own home in a dispute with the council over using the wrong bin.

Barking and Dagenham Council says the woman was handed a £400 fine for fly-tipping general waste bin bags outside her property in Parsloes Avenue.

The dispute started when rubbish collection workers refused to empty her brown recycling bin because it was filled with general waste, which is against council rules.

In response, the woman reportedly threatened to empty the contents of the rubbish onto the street if they did not collect it, which she then did.

Cllr Margaret Mullane, cabinet member for enforcement and community safety, said: "We all know by now what you can and can’t put in your recycling bin.

"Behaving the way this resident has does nobody any favours, as her actions have landed her with a fine - behaviour which I’m sure her neighbors didn’t take too kindly to."

After being made aware of the woman's actions, council enforcement officers went to the property and found four bags of domestic waste on the pavement outside.

An officer found evidence that linked the waste to the address so carried out a doorstep interview under caution with a woman.

The council says she admitted that the waste was hers and that she’d threatened to dump it but refused to say if she actually did the dumping, before slamming the door.

Using his body cam footage, the officer obtained a positive ID from the refuse worker, who gave a statement to confirm it was the woman from the address who had fly-tipped the rubbish.

The council says the woman has been issued with a fixed penalty notice of £400, which she can pay to avoid prosecution.

But if she doesn't cough up, she will be taken to court.

Cllr Mullane said: “Like the rest of the country, fly-tipping is an issue in Barking and Dagenham, so we all need to play our part in keeping the borough clean and tidy.

"I’d like to say thank you to everyone who continue to report fly-tips and help us identify people on our 'wall of shame' as well as those who are helping to bring pride in the borough by getting together to clean up their neighbourhoods."